My Journey Through The 30days JavaScript Coding Challenge

Okonu Deborah

Hello, I’m Okonu Deborah and I’ll be writing my experiences and what I was able to learn and create while doing a 30days JavaScript coding challenge.

On 11th July 2020, I joined FemCode Africa 30 days coding challenge. And we were to select different tracks on what we want to learn in the next 30 days. At first I choose React, I felt it was time for me to learn a framework but I guessed my feelings were wrong. Because at that time, I wasn’t even done with learning and fully understanding how JavaScript works. So after so many failures, I decided to go back to JavaScript.

So for the last 30 days I have been coding with JavaScript, trying to create things with JavaScript in other to improve on my JavaScript skills.

Below are a list of things I was able to create with JavaScript in the last 30 days.

Week 1: I was able to create:

A simple To-Do list:

ToDo List

It’s a simple To-Do list app.

Creating this wasn’t quite easy, I had to ask for help from friends and Google 🙂.

Here is the link:

A Random Quotes App:

Debbie's Random Quotes App

I call this; Debbie’s Random Quotes App.

So, I thought of creating something that is inspiring and motivating. I decided to create a Random Quotes App.

Here is the link:

Week 2: I was able to create:

A program that greets you based on your current time:


Firstly, I just couldn’t think of a better name for this project 😊.

I added a link to something cool just to spice it up a little bit😜.

Here is the link:

A simple Tip Calculator:

Tip Calculator

Here is the link:

A Grade Calculator:

Grade Calculator

This isn’t like a big project, actually, it’s just a calculator that helps to calculator your percentage bases on your score and total score.

If you wrote an exam and your score was 50 and the total score for tht exam is 100, this calculator basically gives you your percentage score.

Here is the link:

A Background Color Changer:

BackgroundColor changer

I thought about creating a button that when clicked on, it would just keep changing the background color of the page with random colors. Amazing right😉?

Here is the link:

A Form Validation:

JavaScript forms

This is actually a two in one project.
I created a CSS loader at the beginning. Then a simple login form with validations

Here is the link:

A Stop Watch:


Here is the link:

A Countdown Timer To Christmas:

Christmas Countdown

Christmas is my best time of the year, so creating a countdown to Christmas was really fun for me💃🎉.

Here is the link:

Week 3:

Pause⏸️: At this point, things were getting a Little bit complicated. I was almost giving up🤦. But then, I remembered the promises of God for my life, and how he gives strength to the weak. I held on to that promise and I said to myself; “Deborah, you can’t just give up now! God started this with you, and he’s going to help you through it. You’re an overcomer!! With God, all things are possible!😊”.


I Was Able To Create:

A B.M.I Calculator (Body Mass Index):


Knowing your body mass index is really healthy. So I decided to create a calculator that calculates your body mass index so you could Know if you are over weighed or under weighed.

Here is the link:

A Number Guessing Game:

Number Guessing Game

It was really fun creating this. I decided to at least create one game. And I saw this number guessing game on the internet and decided to do same too.

Here is the link:

A Weight Converter:

Weight converter

Here is the link:

A Sort List:

Sort list

Here is the link:

A Search Menu:

Search Menu

Here is the link:

A Modal Image Gallery:

Modal image

Here is the link:

Slide Image:

Image slide

While working on my explore Debbie website. I needed to create a gallery page so I though of using this as it too.
Part of what motivated me to create this.

Here is the link:

Testimony Slide:


I don’t really know if I named it well, I just couldn’t think of something else to name it. But i’ll be glad if you could check it out and give it a more suitable name😉.

Here is the link:

Progress Bar:

Progress bar

Here is the link:

Height Converter:

Height Converter

Here is the link:

Week 4:

Pause⏸️ I almost gave up at this point. ☹️ I thought I won’t be able to do it.

But, when Jesus says Yes, nobody can say No ❤️😊.


My final project !!🎉🎉💃

A friend of mine; Daniel Don, once told me to create a weather App so I could know how to make use of APIs(Application Programming Interface). But, Because at that time, I had to work on my ExploreDebbie website, I decided to keep that on hold and then it ended up being my Final project for the challenge🎉.

Weather App ❤️

After watching some YouTube videos, I created a weather App, that shows the current weather condition of any location. All you have to do is, type in a valid location and press the enter key😉

Here is the link:

Debbie 😊

In synopsis, this challenge really helped a lot. As far as learning Is concerned, I was able to learn a lot of things. I was able to learn how to implement JavaScript and how to make good use of it.

I think one of the very good project I did during the 30days challenge is the Random Quotes App.
Which according to the link tracker my link has about 50 clicked. And I got quite a lot of commendation From people.


I just want to thank God for giving me this opportunity and strength to be able to go through the 30days coding challenge successfully.

FemCode Africa

I also thank FemCode Africa for giving me the opportunity to participate in this 30days coding challenge. And i also Want to thank my tutor Mr Ikechukwu, for making it more fun and motivating😁. It was indeed helpful and fun. I’m so happy i joined💃😊.

I’lld love to hear from you guys.

Which among the projects did you like most?😉

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